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Repeat Champions Foundation

Contact Information

Repeat Champions Foundation was developed to assist children achieve their goals in areas such as sport, recreation and life.  Trophies are recycled through refurbishment by volunteers.  The foundation is always looking for more trophies. If your organization has trophies that could be recycled please contact Sarino Genovese at


Not for Profit Organization

Repeat Champions is a Not for Profit organization that collects gently used trophies, and medals from any sport or activity, in any shape or size, and gives them new life by refurbishing them into non-gender specific awards, then donates to groups or organizations repeating the champion process by rewarding athletes of all ages.

Did You Know That Our Landfills Are Filling Up At An Alarming Rate?

eco friendly

Some items can take from 50 to 1000 years to completely breakdown. Like many companies, we advocate that next time you are ready to just throw something in the trash, take a moment to consider passing it along to someone else who might need it. By donating your used trophies or medals, not only will you be keeping that item out of the landfill and reducing greenhouse gases, you’ll be helping us celebrate the achievements of others and creating Repeat Champions.

Recycling is an important service to our society — and our planet.