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Hamilton Sparta S. C.

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Coaching Staff Registration

2018 - Spectator Cup Winners

Hamilton Sparta is proud to announce our Club had four winners at this years MJ League Cup and Spectator Cup finals. Sparta United - U15 Girls - MJ League, Sparta U15 Boys - MJ League, Sparta Women - WWSIL League, Sparta Men - OSL League.

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2018 Spectator Cup

The Sparta A team completes and wins the Spectator Cup two years running.  Great job players and coaching staff.  See below for team photos and play action shots - current and past.

Joe Valvasori - Sparta TD

Sparta - McMaster Parnership


Hamilton Sparta and the McMaster  Men’s  and  Women’s Soccer programs have been developing a partnership over the past 3 years which has provided benefits to both organizations and which is continuing to flourish. The head coaches of both of McMaster’s varsity teams, Dino Perri on the men’s side and Joe Valvasori with the women’s team, are Sparta coaches, as are most of the assistants who have been working with both teams. The two organizations have combined to run a pre-season tournament/festival which attracts over 100 teams to the Mac campus each April. Many of the Mac players provide their expertise in staffing our developmental academies and several of them coach our Sparta teams. Some of our teams have taken part in the Athlete’s Edge fitness program and many players have benefitted from their Sports Medicine program in diagnosing and rehabilitating injuries. A number of exciting partnership initiatives are being planned for the upcoming year. We encourage Sparta families to attend and learn from the home games being played at McMaster this season…it’s the highest level of soccer you will see in this city.

Our History

2019 - Grassroot & Youth Registration

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Senior Player Registration

Sr Men-Women Registration

Reasons To Volunteer

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer:

Hamilton Sparta is run by volunteers that have a passion for the game of soccer.  If you have a passion for soccer checkout our website to see if you would like to volunteer as a coach, manager or another position within our club. 

10 - Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards.
9 - Saves resources by providing valuable community service.
8 - Gain professional experience.
7 - It brings people together.
6 - Promotes personal growth and self esteem.
5 - Volunteering strengthens your community. It supports families, improves soccer, supports youth and the community.
4 - Opens your mind to discover hidden talents.
3 - You get a chance to give back to the community.
2 - Encourages civic responsibility
1 - You make a difference. Every person counts.


Soccer World - Sparta House League

Soccer World/Hamilton Sparta House League Registration

Sparta Coaches Appreciation Game

The third  annual Hamilton Sparta coaches game took place at the new Ancaster Soccer Centre.  The spirits were high as five teams competed against each other.  Many generations of from teenagers to  senior took part in the event.  Lots of action and fun for all. Well done Sparta coaches, assistants and managers.



Hall of Fame Inductees

Hamilton Sparta took the spot-light at the 2015 Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame Banquet where Dino Perri , our u9b coach, was inducted in the Players category, after his illustrious career in youth, high school, university and professional soccer, and John Valvasori, our president, was recognized in the Builders category for his longstanding  contributions as a coach to his teams, club president of Hamilton Sparta, and administrator at many levels of high school sports 

Hall of Fame Inductees

Sports Volunteer Award Winners

Sports Volunteer Award Winners

Sports Volunteer Award Winners

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